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Client Comments

Gordon McKay Electrical & Data Cabling Services use Free Marketeers for banners at trade shows, the web site, SEO, the Company Profile and many other marketing tasks
Gordon McKay
Gordon McKay is a valued client of Free Marketeers

Gordon McKay Electrical & Data Cabling Services

"Thanks Geoff for all the help in 2008 & 2009, you helped us change the business"
(General Manager of Operations)

Services provided:


Free Marketeers works like our own marketing manager for advertising and web sites

Statewide Fluid Power Services:

"We can't justify putting on a sales and marketing manager full time.  Free Marketeers co-ordinates all of our marketing activity:

They even sit in on meetings to help us with other providers like:

  • Sensis/Yellow Pages
  • Phone advertising on hold services
  • Calendar design

The best bit is, it costs a fraction of what a full time marketing manager would cost. I don't have to explain my business to them time and time again"
(R. Friedrichsen)

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Soul2Sole Healthcare

Soul 2 Sole:

"Geoff, a big "Thank you" goes out to your company Free Marketeers for your professional advice on search engine optimisation. Because of your work on our web site, we get a new client every single week which is great for business. Looking forward to using your skills again in the future."
(Peter Rentoulis)


Cables Plus logo

Cables Plus:

"We obviously sell cable products, but we also provide services. Selling something you can't see or touch has been tough for us to do ourselves. Free Marketeers created a strategic marketing plan to highlight our unique services. Now they, manage our web site design & maintain our technical catalogues on disk and for printing.Save money on expensive photo shoots with Free Marketeers

Their creative ability saves us time and money on expensive photo shoots.  Rather than trying to get that perfect image every time, they help us by fixing up our basic shots to create great images - can even change product colours!Free Marketeers graphic design captured the essence of our brand

We loved this imaginative design to launch a new product"
(M. Cocomazzo)

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Free Marketeers maintains the web site of Baker Management Consulting

Baker Management Consulting:

Baker Management is a B2B recruiting company.

"Our clients have sensitive needs and demand confidentiality. Free Marketeers created a practical web site that services our clients and candidates perfectly.

The tone of the site is direct and personal while maintaining a professional corporate image. Our "Positions Available" page is constantly changing. We are amazed at the prompt turnaround when we submit content changes".
(J. Baker)

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