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Frequently Asked Questions

Topics (click on links to see more)

  1. Saving money
  2. How to start
  3. Roller coaster sales
  4. Costs - prices - fees
  5. Difference between Print Shops & Free Marketeers
  6. Independent - unbiased services
  7. Competitive print costs
  8. Keeping logo consistent
  9. Benefits
  10. Marketing plans - a waste of money?

Keep YOUR hands on your cash and control your marketing spend with Free Marketeers, the freelance marketing managers1. "How can you help our business save money?"

2. "What steps are involved in getting started?"

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3. "Our sales chart is like a roller coaster how can you help us?"

When the business is busy you may not have the resources to promote your business for when the 'quiet' times come along, call Free Marketeers to help even the sales graph

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4. "How much does it cost?"

*We make this promise: you will know the cost before we start the task.

We price tasks 4 different ways:

  1. Per hour (casual, at call).
  2. Fixed price project (deposits apply).
  3. Per day (scheduled work days dedicated to your project).
  4. Some customers have asked us to provide a fixed rate (monthly) service to help manage their marketing spend.  We are happy to tailor a package to suit you.

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5. "Our business already uses a print shop (one of those franchises) - what can you offer that's different?"

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6. "Do we have to use your printer or web host or are you independent?"

Yes we don't print or host anything in house.  That means we are independent and have the ability to provide competitive prices over a range of services.

7. "For years I have been going from printer to printer to get a competitive price on my catalogues.  Each time I change l have to explain my business and product over and over.  Can you help?"

Yes. As we project manage the sales tool creation closely with you at your premises, the printer can change from time to time if required with minimal disruption.

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8. "We have a lot of trouble keeping our logo and letterhead consistent throughout the business.  What do you suggest?"

This is very common. 

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9. "Can you summarise the benefits for me?"

The key to our service is we work hard to deeply understand your business and its target markets.  This means...

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10. "Do we have to have a Marketing Plan?  We have been "ripped off" before with these thick reports that didn't help us at all."

Not every business works the same way.  We do not create anything your business won't use.

If we create a marketing plan for your business, it will be a format most useful to you (and at a cost to suit your business). e.g. excel spreadsheet or a flow chart or traditional style.

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