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Your flexible marketing solution

If you need help with your marketing and do not want to hire a full time marketing manager, you have come to the right place.  

Free Marketeers, the freelance (flexible) marketing managers.

Keeping your web site fresh can be a chore - let us take care of it for you

  • You need more time to promote your business effectively...
  • Your staff are busy serving the customers...
  • You may not want to hire a full time specialist because...
    • they may not suit your organisation
    • it's a long term commitment
    • a full time salary is a large investment
    • there may not be enough work for the person all year
  • We can manage your web site all year round and keep your costs down
  • Call Geoff direct on 0437 438 885 to find out more
Managing Director of Free Marketeers, the flexible marketing managers is a Certified Practicising Marketer and Associate Fellow of the Australian Marketing Institute of Australia

Geoff Lean
- Managing Director

We create the message platforms you need to deliver your sales message to your target

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