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Web Sites - Digital Marketing

When choosing a web site design please consider these points:

  1. MOST IMPORTANTLY - Has it being designed from a marketing point of view (in other words from your potential customers' point of view)?
  2. Does the designer understand your customer?
  3. Does the designer understand your business?
  4. Has it being designed to suit the different web browsers available today?
  5. Is the design too "tricky" and full of effects that make it a hassle to use?
  6. Do you have interesting web assets? Copyright compliant photographs, animation, slide shows etc.

If you have concerns about any of these points then have a FREE chat to us before you order a web site

Call 03 9372 3238 or 0437 438 885


  • Rank higher in search results - by design
  • Search engine optimisation & keywords
  • Every site should be designed with your marketing goals in mind
  • We will work with you to produce the site to suit the need and the customer


  • If you need web hosting we have excellent packages available
  • Get state of the art reports
  • The only way to improve is to measure results
  • Our hosting measures results


  • What is the point of having a great web site if nobody can find you?
  • Natural web site optimisation - SEO
  • Paid web site optimisation - AdWords
  • Other advertising